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Dale Hamilton, IAEI River Region Division Secretary and Membership Chair and 
Member since 1998.


What IAEI benefit(s) or member(s) attracted you to becoming a member and why?

I first realized the benefits of membership attending the NEC Analysis meetings. Terry Graydon encouraged me to join.


How has being a member of IAEI helped you in your career?

I enjoy the e-news letters that keep me informed of changes and issues in the electrical industry. The IAEI News magazine keeps me updated on specific NEC Articles, electrical products and installations. Discounted registration fees due to my membership help me afford to attend the Chapter and Section meetings which are so very valuable to me in terms of education, training and networking.


Describe IAEI in one word. Why did you select that word for IAEI?

Wisdom. An active IAEI member will gain much of it (wisdom) by reading the information that is put out almost daily through the web, emails, magazine, etc.; by meeting and communicating with other members that are influential in the development of the NEC, I-codes and of standards; by having the names, contact information and relationships of other contractors, inspectors, utility representatives, electrical manufacturers, etc. and being able to discuss issues with them to help with decision making.


What are three reasons why someone should join IAEI?

  1. Electrical education from the codes and standards developers.
  2. Electrical products such as books and DVD's that are developed by those same professionals.
  3. Networking with those professionals and other members of the electrical industry.


What is something you would tell someone who is young in their career?

Keep sharping your electrical knowledge.


What three accomplishments, personal and/or professional are you most proud of?

  1. Earning the unlimited Alabama Electrical Contractors Board License.
  2. Earning the ICC and IAEI Inspector Certifications.
  3. Honored to be chosen to serve as the Chief Electrical Inspector for Montgomery Alabama.


Tell us about your work in the electrical industry.

I started in the electrical industry after graduating high school, immediately serving 4 years in the USAF as a C-130 Loadmaster, then attending college for 1 year. I tell folks that what I knew about electricity was enough to get me killed. I worked for Dixie Electric Company in Montgomery Alabama where they sent me to an apprenticeship program. I eventually took and passed the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board License exam. I worked a few more years with another electrical company, a year with a local hospital on the maintenance staff, then started my electrical contracting business. I was in business for 7 years. I was hired as an electrical inspector with the City of Montgomery Building Department then became the Chief Electrical Inspector in 2010.

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