IAEI Mobile App

With the IAEI Mobile App on your mobile device, you'll have access to your IAEI membership resources, the digital IAEI Magazine, and other IAEI frequently-used info. We are proud to have earned an Association Media & Publishing Silver award for the Mobile App (other) category in June 2019. 

The IAEI App provides you quick, user-friendly access to IAEI content you want.

  • IAEI News digital magazine, which tackles vital electrical safety and electrical code issues
  • Membership profile and digital membership card access
  • IAEI Section/Chapter/Division info and Calendar
  • IAEI Publications and other items in our Shop
  • Continuing Education (CEU) choices
  • Certification information
  • Contact Us information, with on-screen click to call

It’s easier than ever to enjoy the IAEI Magazine on your mobile device. New in this IAEI App, all of the articles are scrollable, versus a fixed layout that requires you to zoom in and out to get the story. Swipe to the side to get to the next article.

Just download the IAEI App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for your Android device. (See links & step-by-step help below.)

Digital IAEI News magazine access is free with App sign-in if you’re already an IAEI member or a print subscriber. If not, the App lets you purchase issues for $7.99. Apple offers in-app an annual subscription for $47.95, automatically renewed until canceled. Payment for in-app purchases will be charged to your iTunes or Android account at the confirmation of your purchase.

To become an IAEI member or if you have App questions, please call us at (800) 786-4234. You can become a member online here or order a separate annual IAEI News subscription here.

Download the App

To download the IAEI App from an Apple device:

  1. Click this link from your Apple mobile device: iTunes App Store: IAEI App for iOS
  2. Tap GET next to the IAEI App, then tap INSTALL. 
  3. If asked, enter your password. You can also use Touch ID for app purchases; however, there is no fee for the IAEI App.

To download the IAEI App from an Android device:

  1. Click this link from your Android mobile device: GooglePlay: IAEI App for Android
  2. Tap INSTALL. There is no fee for the IAEI App.
  3. Tap OPEN.
  4. For more detail, a little tutorial with images is available on wikiHow.

Helpful App Tips

  • To open the app, find and tap the IAEI icon. Recently added apps are usually found towards the back of your apps list. IAEI mobile app icon
  • To read a magazine issue:
    • On the home screen, tap the picture of the magazine cover for the most current issue, or tap "Past Issues" for a previous issue.
    • Recent issues of the magazine are limited to members and paid subscribers, so please sign in to read using the same credentials as you would for the IAEI website. Contact Customer Service if you need help with this.
    • Once logged in, tap the cover image to start reading.
    • To easily flip through a recent magazine, tap the Table of Contents to open a page. Then swipe sideways to advance to the next article. Swipe up and down to scroll through an article.
    • To exit an issue, tap on any page to get a Back button ("<") at the top of the screen.
  • To access your digital membership card: tap "Members."
    • On the home screen, tap "Members."
    • In the middle of the Members screen, tap the "MY PROFILE" button.
    • Log into your IAEI member account (deeper access than signing in for reading credentials). Contact Customer Service if you need help with this.
    • Once logged in, scroll down to the "About Me" menu and tap on "My Membership Card."
    • Tap on the small red Adobe Reader icon above the sample card image. Export to PDF
    • View your digital membership card. You might want to do a screen capture to save the card to your photos for later use.
      When you get to the this step, your phone should open the PDF and display your card. If the app shows you a blank space instead, then click the right arrow icon at the bottom. This will take you out of the app to your phone's browser and request you log in to your account again. From here, your phone will let you download the PDF. To open the PDF, your phone may require an iBook app.
  • Other on-the-go app features: Find a Chapter, find a meeting, find CEUs, purchase a book, view our Partners, Contact Us...

New app icon: IAEI mobile app icon
Old app icon: 
If you have the old IAEI app, delete it & download the new app. The old app is no longer supported.