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The Nebraska Chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors welcomes you to our new website. Here you will find everything you will need to know regarding our section, its chapters/divisions, members, and the electrical industry.

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Paulson, Raymond
2321 South 13th St.
Lincoln,  NE 68502
(402) 441-6417

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This years program includes:

Randy Anderson, Executive Director of the State Electrical Division, will bring us the State of the State” with very important updates on the adoption of the electrical code and what this means to all of the jurisdictions in which we live and work. (and NEC Changes 215 240)

Dan Frohberg Professor of Electrical Construction and Control – Northeast Community College. Changes Chapters 100 210

Don Iverson Mid-West Field Representative,  (NEMA)

Article 393 New Low Voltage Ceiling Power Distribution System.

Tom Lichtenstein – Senior Regulatory Engineer – Underwriters Laboratories presents: NEC 110.3 (A) & (B). What does this mean to the electrician, engineer and electrical inspector?  .

Dan Neeser Eaton Bussman  Fuses, and motor control protection

Dale Snyder State Electrical Inspector Division 1

Fred Bender, President of Electrical Education Inc – Fred & Ray will present more changes.

A Top Notch Code Panel will give their astute opinion with Questions and Answers from the Western Section with favoritism for the questions sent in by you from the field and from the back of the room!

The Nebraska/Iowa Electrical Council will once again host the “Electrical Products Trade Show”, giving us a ‘hands on’ experience and technical advice from the people who know their product. They always are helpful and informative as they present ever new products for the industry.

We are having a $1000.00 Scholarship drawing for any member that signs up a brand new member during the year. So sign a member up, put your name in the hat, and win a $1000.00

Scholarship for your favorite student!


We will be accepting credit cards via e-mail with a receipt sent back via the same e-mail. Please note on the payment line that the card information will be sent in this manner.

Please  fill out credit card information with the “On Line” application at: (No spaces, all lower case) This is a secure on-line application w/o any sharing of personal information.


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Chapter: 9,44,0 - Nebraska Chapter
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Chapter: 9,44,0 - Nebraska Chapter
The group homepage for the IAEI Nebraska Chapter.