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The Treasure Coast Division of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors welcomes you to our new website. Here you will find everything you will need to know regarding our section, its chapters/divisions, members, and the electrical industry.

Contact Information

Della Croce, Vincent 
P.O. Box 881472
Port St Lucie, FL 34988
(954) 553-0801


The 2015 Florida Chapter Conference will be hosted by the Treasure Coast Division on May 6-May 10 2015. The event will take place at the Hutchinson Island Beach Resort and Marina by Marriott  on Hutchinson Island, Stuart, FL. Stay tuned for updates.
Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday, May 6

12:00PM Exhibitors area open for set up

2:00PM-5:00PM Registration & information

3:00PM-5:00PM Florida Chapter Board of Directors meeting

7:00PM-11:00PM Hospitality suite open

Thursday, May 7

7:30AM- 4:30PM Registration & information

7:30AM- 5:00PM Trade show open

7:50AM-8:00AM Early bird drawing

8:00AM Meeting called to order & welcome

8:05AM Invocation & pledge of allegiance

8:10AM-8:20AM Special guest welcome

8:20AM-8:30AM Special guest welcome

8:30AM-8:40AM Southern Section President

8:40AM-8:50AM Florida Chapter President

8:50AM-9:00AM Florida Chapter Treasurer

9:00AM-9:30AM Florida Division Secretaries reports

9:30AM-9:50AM Break

9:45AM-9:50AM Early bird drawing

9:50AM-9:55AM Announcements

9:55AM-10:30AM Introduction of exhibitors

10:30AM-10:50AM Introduction of Code panelists

10:50AM- 11:40AM NEC Articles 700, 701, 702 Emergency Systems- Instructor TBA

 (course 0001527- 1 hour)

11:40AM-11:45AM Announcements

11:45AM-1:00PM Lunch on your own

11:45AM-1:00PM Lunch for Secretaries, membership chairs & Code panelists

12:55PM-1:00PM Early bird drawing

1:00PM- 2:40PM Code Panelists Q & A session/NEC Code seminar- (course 0004927-

 4 hours)

2:40PM-3:00PM Break

2:55PM-3:00PM Early bird drawing

3:00PM-4:40PM Code Panelists Q & A session/NEC Code seminar (course 0004927 con’t)

4:40PM-4:45PM Announcements

4:45PM Adjourn for the day

5:00PM-6:30PM Hospitality suite open

6:30PM-7:00PM Social/mixer at pool area (nametags required)

7:00PM-9:00PM Dinner at pool area (nametags required)

9:00PM-11:00PM Hospitality suite open

Friday, May 8

7:30AM-4:30PM Registration and information

7:30AM-5:00PM Trade show open

7:50AM-8:00AM Early bird drawing

8:00AM-9:40AM NEC Article 314 Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes- Instructor TBA (course 2 Hours)

9:40AM-10:00AM Break

9:55AM-10:00AM Early bird drawing

10:00AM-10:50AM NEC Article 682 Naturally & Artificially Made Bodies of Water- Instructor TBA (course - 1 hour)

10:55AM-11:45AM NEC Article 645 IT Equipment- Instructor TBA (course 0004930- 1 Hour)

11:45AM-11:50AM Announcements

11:50AM-1:00PM Lunch on your own

11:50Am-1:00PM Lunch for Presidents, Code moderators & Code panelists

12:55PM-1:00PM Early bird drawing

1:00PM-1:50PM NEC Articles 230 & 240 Services & Overcurrent Protection- Instructor TBA (course 0001520- 1 hour)

1:55PM-2:45PM NEC Article 450 Transformers- Instructor TBA (course 0004928- 1 hour)

2:45PM-3:05PM Break

3:00PM-3:05PM Early bird drawing

3:05PM-3:55PM Articles 720 & 725 Circuits and Equipment Operating at Less Than 50 Volts,

 and Class 1,2 & 3 Circuits- Instructor TBA (course 0001529- 1 hour)

4:00PM-4:50PM Article 800 Communication Circuits- Instructor TBA(course 1 Hour)

4:50PM-4:55PM Announcements and adjourn for the day

5:00PM-6:00PM Hospitality suite open

6:00PM-6:30PM Social/mixer

6:30PM-9:30PM Installation banquet

9:30PM-11:00PM Hospitality suite open

Saturday, May 9

7:15AM-8:00AM Registration & information

7:30AM-10:15AM Trade show open

8:00AM-9:40AM Code session for contractors TBD

8:00AM-9:40AM Code session for inspectors/plans examiners TBD

9:40AM-10:00AM Break

10:15AM Vendors break down trade show

10:00AM-11:40AM Code session for contractors TBD

10:00AM-11:40AM Code session for inspectors/plans examiners

11:45 Adjourn to 86th Florida Chapter Meeting in North Florida


Discussion forum for the chapter

Treasure Coast Code Interpretation
Non binding interpretation by Treasure coast building inspectors of the NEC


IAEI Treasure Coast Division Information
Updates on chapter events and activities

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